Uovo Perfetto

Daily well-being

The mirror of our hens' happiness
Uovo perfetto is the combination of daily well-being, excellent quality of life and respect for the nature’s rules. The ingredients are: a controlled and healthy diet and group physical training. No chemical feed.


In this story the most used verb is “scratch about”
The park is designed so that the hens have as much comfort as possible at their disposal, and at the same time it replicates what has been their natural and wild way of life for centuries. The hand of man is invisible, at least we try. The hen broods her eggs according to her natural biological rhythm… Man’s intrusions are not allowed. That’s why we’re able to keep off the drugs. The only cures we use are: sun, wind and the air of the Apulian countryside.

#UovoPerfetto non viene prodotto in un allevamento ma in una realtà ben diversa. Uovo perfetto viene da un parco, così...

Pubblicato da UoVo Perfetto su Domenica 4 febbraio 2018

Why is it so special?

Discover all the nutritional values of uovo perfetto


A precursor of vitamin A and an important antioxidant


Vitamin A performs a specific action in the vision process


Twice as omega-3, it is important to reduce triglycerides and keep blood pressure low


For the prevention of cardiovascular diseases


Excess cholesterol causes serious cardiovascular problems. Uovo perfetto contains 1/3 of cholesterol compared to conventional eggs.


Three times the Vitamin E helps to protect the body's tissues from harmful reactions and free radicals.

The secret of the perfect egg

The secret of Uovo Perfetto is the hen's happiness. The hen gives us eggs that reflect her enviable lifestyle. They are therefore more genuine, more nutritious, healthier. In one word they are NATURE.

UoVo Zero

Back to the future: the original flavours of unspoilt nature.
UoVo Zero is the discovery of ancient flavours,
through the search for particular coloured eggs, which, in the history of the laying industry, have managed to remain on the sidelines of intensive farming. UoVo Zero is a bridge between pure nature and conscious man.

More information?

Contact us for any information about the consumption of the perfect egg and its preservation.

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