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Balance and respect for the nature's rules.
The UoVo Perfetto park is immersed in the countryside, and with its 25000 square meters it is the largest outdoor park for hens in Europe. Hens have all the space they need to live happily. The park gives us food for our hens, clean air and sunlight in “industrial quantity”. So, we don’t even have the problem of manure, which is disposed of by the park as natural fertilizer.

The largest hens' park in Europe

Uovo Perfetto was born in Salento, in the beautiful Apulian countryside


We give back to nature everything we temporarily borrow
We try to give something to the countryside that hosts us. We periodically plant trees, in order to enrich nature. We have deployed in the park some comfortable wooden houses, where our hens can seek refuge at night and take shelter from bad weather.

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The presence of roosters improves the psycho-physical well-being of our hens. In this story ‘women’ play the leading role.

We plant a tree per day in our park. It is not strictly necessary for breeding, but for nature it is…

We welcome school and children groups in the park. You can learn the love for nature from the children’s eyes.

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